If you have any unanswered questions please send an email to festival@nousklaeraudio.nl

Where is the first aid?

The first aid (EHBO in Dutch) is situated in the corridor between the Kathedraal and Beeldentuin. We will post a map of the festival area on our Instagram.

Please take care of yourself and each other.

How can I pay at the bar?

The event is PIN only, no cash and no hassle with coins.

Will there be lockers?

Yes, you can pre-register one here.

Will there be food?

Yes! Our dear friends from Eurobrouwers will provide several options for dinner on the festival site. Please check our instagram page for updates.

When does Nous’klaer XYF take place?

The first edition of Nous’klaer XYF will take place on Saturday June the 8th, from 12:00- 23:00. There is also an after-party at BIT, which is next door, from 23:00-06:00. Tickets for the after party are sold separately.  

Where does Nous’klaer XYF take place?

At Brutus (Keileweg 18, Rotterdam). Brutus is an Artist Driven Playground with a Sculpture Garden and 6000 square meters of exhibition space. See the location page for more information and how to get to the location by car of public transport.

How can I get the latest updates?

We’ll post all the latest info on our instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/nousklaer_audio/

Can I access the afterparty with my day ticket?

No, you will need a separate ticket.

Where can I find the timetable?

The timetable for Nous’klaer XYF has been announced on our Instagram page.

Is it possible to buy a ticket just for one concert?

As we are a festival, you can only buy a ticket for the full day of 12+ live-acts and 20+ DJs.

Can I change or cancel my ticket?

If you cannot come anymore you can resell your ticket on TicketSwap.

Do I need to exchange my ticket for a wristband?

Yes. We will scan your ticket at the festival entrance, where you will get a festival wristband.